Guest Blog: Answering a Question with Questions: "Why Would I Need a Will?"

By Cindy DeRuyter

I was talking to a friend on Friday night about Wills and estate planning because well, I’m in my 40s and I like to live it up on Friday nights like that. 

“Why would I need a will?” my friend said, challenging me.  Drawing a deep breath, I responded with rapid-fire questions:

Defining Wealth

In our discussions with clients, the term “wealth” has always been tossed about somewhat loosely. We talk about building wealth, wealth management, wealth enhancement, and wealth preservation and wealth in general as if it were universally understood.

The Cabin (Part II) - How about a rental property?

By Tom Rippberger

What are your long term goals? Could financial planning help?

After several years of wallowing in financial upheaval caused by a severe recession and financial crisis, Americans are, once again, looking to the future. A renewed confidence has many people setting their sights on long term goals that, just a few years ago, may have seemed out of reach.

Keys to Successful Debt Management

Perhaps the most encouraging outcome of the latest recession is the increasing emphasis on debt reduction by most Americans.  We are borrowing less and saving more, and, hopefully, developing some more frugal habits that can lead to healthier finances in the future.  Still, many people continue to struggle with their debt.  It takes a firm commitment and a lot of discipline, but

Understanding Investment Risk

All investors – be they conservative, moderate or aggressive – need to understand that the level of returns they expect to generate is directly related to the amount of risk they are willing to assume – the higher the return, the higher the amount of risk one needs to take.

Consider the Impact of Behavioral Finance

The success or failure of a financial plan is driven by a variety of possible influences. Factors like the right rate of savings, good investment selection, and careful risk management are all important and commonly recognized as elements of a high quality plan. Going a step further and incorporating a well thought out estate plan can turn a good plan into a great plan.

Retirement account types

By Trisha Qualy

Why not buy a cabin?

By Tom Rippberger

I am often asked “We are thinking about buying a cabin, what do you think?”

Five financial industry terms explained in plain English

By Trisha Qualy

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