Tom Rippberger

Tom Rippberger

Tom Rippberger

Financial Planner


After graduating from law school in 1997, I knew that I did not want to practice law.  I did not like the "win at all costs" and "use every trick in the book" mentality that I observed from lawyers.  There was a large push to win at all costs, and I preferred win-win solutions. Saddled with a mountain of debt and unclear on my future, I went seeking a career where I could use my education and skills in a less confrontational profession. 

I spent several years working in compliance positions and quickly ascended to a Chief Compliance Officer role at a large broker dealer.  I really enjoyed the ever changing nature of financial services, the fast pace, and the constant demand for education to keep up with the changes.  It was a great pleasure to figure out how to interpret the rules, train advisors, and supervise a large and dispersed representative field force.  The Dot Com crash of early 2000s unveiled a lot of abuses that could have been avoided, and I again went seeking a more rewarding career that aligned my career goals with my personal ethics. 

I purposely moved to the financial planning and investment advisory side of the investment business.  I feel strongly that conflicts should be disclosed, transparency should be prized, and advisory compensation and client success should be aligned.  After spending most of my career managing and supervising others, I wanted to branch out and offer a client experience that aligned with my core values. 

I really enjoy working with people and seeing the effect of getting their financial life organized and better understood.   Lack of communication around finances is a great cause of stress in many people lives; we enjoy being a part in reducing that stress.  We have adopted fiduciary principles in our practice today.  We spend a great deal of time getting to know our clients so that we understand their goals, fears, and dreams.  We are transparent in our fee structure, disclose our conflicts, and explain how we invest.  We might not always be right, but we listen to our clients, work hard for them, and constantly educate ourselves.  We seek clients who share our passion for learning and those who want to further their control of their financial lives.  

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