Samantha Orvelo

Samantha Orvelo

Client Service Specialist

Samantha Orvelo started working in financial services in 2003 as an intern for The Tilchen Corporation. She began with receptionist work and then became more involved in the client service aspect of the business. Samantha worked with Alan and Lindsay Tilchen until they retired in 2019. Financially Fluent Advisors is thrilled to have Samantha on the team.

Samantha likes being able to help someone. Whether its processing paperwork or handling an issue with an account or policy, she likes to be able to do something that helps. She strives to help clients make their day a little bit better – she loves to hear someone say thank you and mean it and know that she helped in some way.

A good day at work for Samantha is being able to cross everything off her ‘to-do’ list, or at least address each item on the list. Our clients greatly benefit from her skill set. Efficiency, a hard work ethic, and driving tasks to completion are a few examples of those skills.

When not at the office, Samantha spends time with family and friends. She and her husband, Jeremiah, have two sons, TJ and Noah. She also enjoys shopping and movies.