Tom Rippberger

Tom Rippberger


After graduating from law school in 1997, Tom knew that he did not want to practice law. He did not like the "win at all costs" and "use every trick in the book" mentality observed from lawyers. There was a large push to win at all costs, and Tom preferred win-win solutions. Saddled with a mountain of debt and unclear on his future, Tom sought a career where he could use his skills in a less confrontational profession.

Tom spent several years working in compliance positions and quickly ascended to a Chief Compliance Officer role at a large broker dealer. He really enjoyed the ever changing nature of financial services, the fast pace, and the constant demand for education to keep up with the changes. It was a great pleasure for him to figure out how to interpret the rules, train advisors, and supervise a large and dispersed representative field force.

Tom purposely moved to the financial planning and investment advisory side of the investment business in 2014. He feels strongly that conflicts should be disclosed, transparency should be prized, and advisory compensation and client success should be aligned.

In his free time, Tom enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. He has coached hockey, baseball, and soccer
teams. The family loves to hike and travel.