Trisha Qualy

Trisha Qualy


Trisha Qualy started her career as an educator. She quickly learned that standing in front of a classroom and talking at
students was not effective. Instead, the best approach to teaching was collaborative, with students engaged in discussion. She entered the financial services industry in 2011 with this philosophy fresh in my mind.

Within the industry, she noticed a lack of engagement; many advisors were simply telling people what to do with their money and not necessarily engaging them in the process. Her background as an educator taught her the importance of dialogue. People need to understand not only what they are doing, but also why they are doing it. She was inspired to become a Financial Planner using her teaching philosophy as the foundation.

Trisha is committed to engaging her clients throughout the planning process. Her goal is education, understanding, and providing tools and resources that allow her clients to take control of their financial lives.

Outside of her career, Trisha spends time practicing and teaching yoga. When not in the yoga studio, she loves to travel with her husband. They also enjoy watching basketball, trying the latest restaurants, and dog-sitting.